Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to day seven

Here we are entering into the last day of our first week on the road. In the past seven days the RV has given me plenty of opportunities to 'learn.' The first day we plugged in a the campsite I sprung a water leak.....which after attempts to fix, I have succumbed to calling a mobile guy who will charge me too much money... and fix it in 10 secoonds....ahhh. As we were getting ready on Wednesday night I can back to a leak in my gray tank....and a small one on my black tank.....This is going to be an adventure I will never forget about....The most wonderful thing about this so far is that fact that I get to learn all about how to fix the things I do not know AND I get some major quality time to spend with the family



  1. Did the mobile guy fix all the problems? Such a rainbow of leaks! 'Glad to see an update!

  2. Hey Tracy, I canceled the mobile guy because our 'neighbor' who was a missionary for 40 years had his son over (they were parked next to us) came and fixed it! No more leaks!!