Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trees Outside My Window

As I look outside I see a car here and there, but there are trees everywhere. I do mean everywhere. My children are waking up, it is peaceful here in Forestville, which is next to Santa Rosa, where my sis Heather and nephew Sonny live. We plan to be here a week. We are sitting up above the river which is running quick today. I am excited to have a week to accomplish the things that have needed my attention, like schoolwork, cleaning, and being outside with our family. We also need to 'just be.' We have been seeing sights for the past few weeks, enjoyed Oakhurst, and now we are going to just sit here for a week. My sister will let us use her car if we need one, but other than that, we have our bikes, a full fridge (after today's shopping), and a huge area to explore. Marshmallows by the fire, rain expected tomorrow for a few days, and trees to be surrounded by.

I had expectations of this trip around the U.S. I thought it would be amazing, we all would get along, and smiles and laughter would rule our home. We have shared about the great things mostly and left out some of the reality of traveling with 7 the rv not having water, our black tank leaking and smelled, and our kids tattling every five minutes on each other. Having to stay inside even when someone farts and smells up the whole 26ft of our home...through this experience I have found that I have to pick my battles...of course I have to if a fart smells up the rv...well, I have to remember I have 5 boys in here...and I can just purchase myself a gas mask and wear it...right? If the kids are tattling, then I can just tell them that I don't speak English...right? If we have leaks, I can just let them leak and put wads of tissue up my nose...right? So as I am learning what life is like to be traveling, I am also experiencing a life with having only what we really 'need' vs. want. Do I really need all the clothes I have? No. Why do I own it all then? The truth? Because I have a sense of security in my 'stuff.' So this week, I plan to see what is really a need vs. want, plus to enjoy those moments of doing nothing, doing something, and being surrounded by the trees that help me breathe.

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