Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Morning After.....

Our life just changed. We moved out of our 1400 square foot condo with a fabulous backyard, and wonderful neighbors in the heart of Poway, CA in trade of a 26 ft. TravelCraft Class C Rv! Now to some this would be crazy with a family of 7, but for us, it is the opportunity to stop the routine of life, breathe, cause we lost too oxygen in our brains and need some back, and to live a life full of joy and contentment.
Steve and I have a few more classes left in Seminary, which our amazing advisor allowed to be completely online so we'd be able to have this adventure. Our brains are full, our heart are receptive and want to give and receive, and our minds need clearing and healing. This journey with our family stems from a desire to connect on a newer level with one another. We feel so at peace to have opened a new chapter for our family.
Last night we enjoyed a beautiful night full of laughter with our friends, after moving out. We stayed with Doug & Ina and their sweet kids last night, after enjoying yummy food, some birthday Costco Lemon cake for Micah, and some tea at the could have been better for our family. Thank you all who made it special! Today we awoke fresh. We still have much to be responsible about, but our responsibilities have changed a bit. We embrace them, our little family, and this adventure to travel, connect, and have joy. Ahhhhh, the beauty of life!


  1. Glad to see you guys made it on the road!!!

  2. Praying that you have a safe journey.

  3. We miss you already! 'So glad we could have that time together thursday. Has Kai seen any more beef since then? We're praying for you and excited to watch your adventure!

  4. Let's see some photos! Let me know when you get to this side of the country. Wishing you all the best.