Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally Breathing....

I am in AWE of where we are at today..Oakhurst, CA-just below Yosemite. It is mid 70's, with the river rolling down behind our rig. There are waterfalls here, and the sound makes me breathe...and slightly want to pee...but it is calming. After leaving Poway, we stayed in Oceanside for a few days, tried to repair a few leaks, and then headed up to Huntington Beach for a few days. This place was next to Jordan's favorite skatepark, plus we enjoyed a day with cousin Rachel and friends for dinner. We had one of those "this was meant to be" moments with a neighbor there...Steve's posting will reflect what happened...so stay tuned. After HB, we traveled a bit up through Mojave, had an experience of what a true trailer park was for the night, and left the next day for Bakersfield. Once arriving there we had a few kids that ran to our RV even before we stopped. They begged to use our bikes, and one of them invited themselves into our RV and began to take the kids coins on our table then they left....it was one awkward moment. No parents in sight. We felt like this was a land that needed much love, but we also felt a bit unsafe,....especially when a lil' boy known as Ricky Bobby said his cat had been shot the night before in the butt with a BB gun. Needless to say, we headed out north.

We have loved the drive, stopping when we want, peeing when need be on the road, ya know, the finer things in life.

Now we are in Oakhurst, the kids are playing in the sand near the free flowing river, we had a Birthday Breakfast for Micah, and we are getting ready to ride bikes into town for a bit. The crockpot is going for dinner, I am excited to start a few new classes today (3 more to go and I is a graduate of college!!!!), and I am breathing. The water works in our rig, so does the sewer. Steve (and our HB friend) fixed our leaks, and we are in a beautiful place we can sit and enjoy. I keep having funny thoughts about the fact that 7 humans live in a 26 ft. RV...and I love it! I love the freedom, the peace, and the lack of stuff I was surrounded by. We have too much stuff in here and plan to 'get rid' more.

What a beautiful place to be at when we dig into ourselves, eliminate the stuff, and give ourselves some room to breathe....AAAHHHHH oxygen.....


  1. I love your blog!!!!!!! I love (and miss) you sense of humor <3 I'm so excited for you guys :)) I'm living vicariously through you for now, but I can't wait to be on the road, too :))) I am already learning so much about what to plan for from you all -- even less stuff than we originally think. Got it. Enjoy.... <3

  2. P.S. - I can't wait to see pics of these places!!!!!